Only Lauren…

So I have a ton to write about, but I have to share this with you. Tonight, while I was talking to my dad at the dinner table, I look at Lauren. She was in the living room. I don’t remember what she was doing. I noticed that there was this weird looking thing on my wall. I stared at it for a minute and then I say, "What is that on the wall? Did it just get there?" I’m pretty perplexed, and Lauren looks at it and is all, what is that??? Well…

A couple of months ago, Lauren wanted to step on a ketchup packet– the kind you get from fast food places, anyhow, we wouldn’t let her, and in my defense, I still didn’t let her. Benjamin had taken the girls out this past weekend while I was spending his money as fast as it was coming in and some ketchup packets had been brought home…

So I look over on the wall and this is what I see:


In all honesty, it took me about 5 seconds to realize what had happened. I then go over to Lauren where a smashed ketchup packet was. It got missed in the clean up and I’m not sure how it ended up in the living room. I then see this:


My eyes then wander down. To Lily’s clean folded clothes. And I see this:


You may not be able to see it, but there is ketchup on her clean clothes. So I look at her clothes, and then the wall and then the other wall and my eyes wander up. On the kitchen ceiling I see this:


So I keep going and see this:


and yes, my eyes keep going down


Oh, there’s more. I promise you.


So to recap. Lauren stepped on the ketchup packet in the living room. It went up on that wall, to the wall that has my trash and recycling. It then went on the ceiling of my kitchen. Then down the side to the glass sliding door that goes out to my deck and to the ground on that. Oh, and the cabinet that is next to the calendar? Yeah, she got it all over the top of that too. I found that when I was cleaning it up. *sigh*

ONLY LAUREN. My sweet, sweet child.

Ok, onto other news. I went to a scrap booking convention this past weekend and man oh man did I have fun! I spent way too much money. My birthday present from Benjamin is for him to not look online at our bank account for three weeks. Let me show you what I made so far.





I still have another two albums that didn’t get finished from the classes I took. A perpetual calendar and my doggie book for my ferocious puppy.


I also bought a album all about families and another girly girl booklet. A Christmas album and one about winter. Two rolodex type albums. (You’ll understand after I finish them and take pictures of them. That should be around oh… next August) And many many more! It was one of the best birthday’s ever. 

Oh, and here are some random pictures taken this past week.




Here are the twins. Both bald with a little bit of peach fuzz on top with their ears sticking out. Oh, and they both look so happy don’t they? They’re both hungry and in wonderful moods!PICT0745

Oh, and one more thing. I took Lily to the eye Dr today and they aren’t too sure about her being cross eyed. They actually think that it has to do with her facial features of how her eyes are formed and that with time, the skin will retract from around her eyes so that it will look like she’s looking at you straight on. Because if she has cross eyes… it requires surgery. Which we don’t want.

Question of the day:

What is your favorite past time to help you relax?


4 comments on “Only Lauren…

  1. Jeri says:

    That’s our sweet Lauren :)! How funny that she finally did it. She always always wanted to try it at my house and I wouldn’t let her….when the Mommy is away the mouse will play.Dad looks so happy to be in the picture with Lily…not!Love the ablums….they look so familiar. Matthew asked me when I was going to finish mine…I told him next Covention.

  2. So fun! I guess I did know you were a “scrapper” I just forgot. I’m a wanna-be scrapper. I’ve bought albums and paper and some embellishments, I have even gotten it all out a couple of times, but don’t really have anything to show for it.Oh and the ketchup, ugh!!! What a mess! Hope it comes out of Lily’s cloths! Did you flip your wig? So funny! You gotta love that girl!So glad to see all the pics! I was wondering where you’d been! Oh, and happy birthday! Some friend I am! Sounds like you had fun!

  3. carlen says:

    okay, i am totally impressed at how calm you were about the whole ketchup steppin deal! i think i have quite a bit of patience, but i probably would have lost it! so here’s my SHOUT OUT to you for being an awesome mom! and cute cute scrappin stuff going on at your place! you are very creative!

  4. Hilary says:

    Holy cow, Sara! I can’t remember if I knew you were so creative or not. Either way, Holy Cow!!! Nice!!! And as for Lauren and the ketchup…I’m just glad nothing got on all your nice albums! :)

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