Lily Smiling… For Real This Time

OK, So April sent me those pictures and I’m going to post them! For Real this time. I promise.

So here she is in the baby bjorn. She loves this thing. She will spend hours in it in my arms in the office.

And here she is… sober sided…

Here is the smile!!

I’ll try and get some more of my other girls. They’re cut too!


5 comments on “Lily Smiling… For Real This Time

  1. She is getting so big! I love the one in the baby bjorn, cross-eyed! She is so pretty! Can’t wait to get her with my giant baby girl!

  2. Sara says:

    Heh, you should mention that she is cross-eyed. It’s from being premature. We have to take her into the eye dr. Glasses, here we come!

  3. how cute is she?!I miss you!

  4. Baby glasses! I love it! That’s gotta be the cutest thing ever! Hurry and post a pic of her with her glasses! Soooo cute!

  5. Sara says:

    Carmel, we miss you too! We’re coming to Utah next July for 10 days. Huge family reunion so we’ll be able to see you then. Michelle, we’re not totally sure that she’ll need glasses… she may need an eye patch. So we may need to get our pirate voices out!

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