Pictures of Lily Smiling

You thought you would actually see pictures of Lily smiling didn’t you? hahahahah well, you’re WRONG!

Ok, so I do have pictures, just not on my camera. I have some on my mother’s camera and April’s camera. April is our new front end gal at the office and she was helping me out with Lily on Friday as I was setting up a new client in our accounting system.

So when I get them, I’ll post them. But in the mean time…




Oh, and I got an anniversary/birthday/Christmas present this past weekend. We’ve been saving and saving up for this puppy.


2 comments on “Pictures of Lily Smiling

  1. Yea! Nice camera! You’ll have to let me know how you like it! And hurry up with the pictures already! Some of Lauren and Kathryn would be nice too!

  2. Cortney says:

    I can’t believe you went with Nikon! Ugh! You should have talked to us first! :) Just kidding–I hope you like it! We still need to find a date for us to take some pictures for you…sorry for the delay. Things have been crazy here. I need to fill you in. Hope to see you soon!

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