Silly Boy

This happened a couple of nights ago:

Me: “I just can’t get her to stop crying.” (Lily is screaming now)

Benjamin: “Want me to take her?” Now mind you, he’s already gotten up with her and is going on three hours of sleep.

Me: yes! Yes! YES!!! “Um, are you sure you’re ok with that?”

Benjamin: “Yeah” (about 5 minutes later) “Are you jealous that she wants me more than she wants you? That she stops crying when I take her?”

Me: Thinking to myself, silly boy, are you crazy? Why would I be jealous?? I get sleep and you don’t! so instead I say, “Nope, I’m glad she loves you!”


2 comments on “Silly Boy

  1. Yeah Benjamin. You can come be Addie’s favorite too if you want! :) It won’t hurt my feelings at all! Give that sweet baby kisses from me! And maybe a little drool from Addie!

  2. Babies love their daddies too! Oh yeah they love their uncles too, just not as much!

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