Can 3 years really feel like 30?

So three years ago today, Benjamin and I were sealed in the Seattle Temple.


Yes, this is the picture on my header.

He had no clue what he was getting himself into…



Oh, who are we kidding… he did too!

In three long long looooooong years, we have: (In order)

Well, we moved the week before we got married.


Then:Picture 008 Baptized Lauren December of 2005


Picture 068 Kathryn received "Top Dog" award at school. December of 2005. Like the face? Like mother, like daughter.


Picture 232Went and saw Great Grandma Parker for Easter. She passed away later that year. So glad we went. March of 2006


Picture 163Kathryn received "Top Dog" award. Again. March of 2006.


Found out that I was preggo with Amy Lynne in April.


Picture 128Bought Lightning In February? Michelle, do you remember when we got it? (I may be totally off on my dates of this one)


Picture 239Bought Blue Tooth in May


Picture 310

Got dragged to a car show in September. Hugely preggo. Lauren and I were bored out of our minds. Kathryn and Benjamin? Had such a blast.

Picture 352Had Amy Lynne October 21, 2006

Amy Lynne received a name and a blessing in December of 2006. It was very important to me that her name be on the records of the church. She was in her isolette and her dad gave her the blessing and her Grandpa Moore and Uncle Matthew assisted.

Picture 423Buried Amy Lynne. She passed away on January 4, 2007.


Lauren and Kathryn and Karl all received "Top Dog" award. In case you weren’t counting, this is Kathryn’s 3rd award. First for both Lauren and Karl. (I don’t have those pictures, I’ll have to get them off of my mother’s camera)


Picture 136

Lightning died and we gave her away. February of 2007 or was it 2006? Man, this time with this car is fuzzy.


Picture 473 Baptized Kathryn March 2007.


PICT0053 Got Lexi in April 2007. Totally the best. She really helped our family in the grieving process.


Moved in July of 2007


Sometime in the summer of 2007, we acquired another car. 1990 M30. We fondly call her "Crush"


PICT0120PICT0145 (Benjamin being a nerd with his Mazda 6)

PICT0137 Went to Idaho to Silverwood and to visit Grandma Vermillion and Great Grandpa Parker. Again, very glad as Grandpa Parker passed away about 6 months later.



Found out in December that we were expecting Lily. I really thought I was going to miscarry her. I had no morning sickness whatsoever and after vomiting and migraine headaches throughout my pregnancy with Amy Lynne, I was expecting at least something.


March of 2008, I was hospitalized for a kidney infection and kidney stones. I thought I was going to die. I mean really.


May of 2008, was hospitalized for another abruption. I was losing blood. They couldn’t find places for IV’s. After many attempts, (like 15) over a week period, they decided to put a PICC line in me. I lost enough blood that I had to have TWO blood transfusions. (the day after I delivered)


DSC_0039 Had Lily. 11 weeks early. June 14, 2008. She was in the hospital for 6 weeks.

DSC_0045Her name is Lily Rose. Get it? Lily and roses in the bouquet? haha I crack myself up. 


We moved again in August of 2008. (hopefully this will be our last)


Got rid of my *sniff* *sniff* van. I loved her. She just couldn’t go on any longer.


DSC_0111Blessed Lily in September 2008.

And here we are, October 2008. Now can you see why it feels like forever? Oh, and it isn’t a bad thing that I feel like we’ve been married forever. We’ve just been through a lot. We both feel as though we’ve known each other forever.


Oh, and on a side note, I took Lily to the Dr today. She weighs in at 12lbs 11oz and is in the 25% for height and 25% for weight and 5% on her head. Now those are the percentages for her as though she was born at full term. Now on her preemie chart, she is in the 90% for both her height and weight and 40% for her head. She got 3 shots and 5 immunizations. She’s not a happy camper right now. She’s spending the evening on her daddy’s chest in the Baby Bjorn.


2 comments on “Can 3 years really feel like 30?

  1. Jeri says:

    I still think that you are lying on the three years…I swear it been 5 years. I am glad you found someone that make you happy and loves the girls the way a father should. It has been a world spin for the last 3 years.

  2. carlen says:

    CONGRATS! Makes me so happy to hear that ALL you lucky ladies got such a fine man to help you through all the highs and lows and savor life!!!

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