Looking back through the years….

So I needed to bump Amy Lynne down one. Not that I don’t love her more than life, but it can get pretty depressing to see my baby up there. I have Karl and Erik over and Erik saw a picture of Amy Lynne up on the fridge. Erik walked over and looked at her picture and said, “I miss Amy.” He then proceeded to kiss the picture and went back to playing with our moon sand.

So to the new post. I inherited my mother’s old computer. So I have a bunch of pictures on here that I haven’t had. It makes me realize that I need to take my pictures and scan those puppies in so we have them digital as well.
I found a couple of pictures of me as a baby so I thought I would show you what a dork I was…

I had my sunglasses on upside down. Matthew had them on correctly and he didn’t fix them. Typical.

Here his about to run me down. If my parent’s weren’t outside, I would be on the ground flat. Like a pancake. You can see a pattern can’t you?

This one… I remember it very well actually. My mother took me in to get my pictures. I remember the photographer placing me there and then going back and looking into her camera. She then would come over and move my hand ever so slightly and then run back and look into the camera. She did this for about 5-10 minutes. However, to me, being about 5 thought it would never end. I think that’s why I remember it so well.

This picture hung on the wall of that photographer for about 10 years. My mother got a phone call and she asked my mother if she wanted to buy it back for $20. My mother said yes. I have another picture of when I was younger that also hung on the walls of the photographer studio and then I won a baby contest at a state fair when I was two. I don’t usually tell this story, but Kathryn found out about this and was so upset I hadn’t told her! It’s embarrassing sometimes. I was such a pretty child!
What happened?

2 comments on “Looking back through the years….

  1. carlen says:

    ADORABLE!!! and i had a dress very much like that one!!! love flashbacks! and you still are absolutely LOVELY!!!

  2. Sara says:

    Yes, but did your mother save your dress? I still have it hanging in my closet. Both my girls have worn and and Lily will get to as well. Carlen, you’re too sweet!

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