The first 4 months

Well, Lily was 4 months old yesterday. I can’t be as good as Michelle and actually get it on the correct day. It has been a very interesting 4 months. Lily spent the first 6 weeks in the hospital. She was born at 29 weeks. If you look at her head, you can see a circle on it. Yup, she didn’t want to come out, they had to vacuum my 3lb 1oz baby out. Did I mention that I had a c-section?

She cried upon coming out which made me soooo happy, and about 9 hours after birth they had to put a ventilator in her to help mature her lungs. I don’t have pictures of this and I’m very grateful for that. She dropped down to 2lbs 8oz and was then placed on C-PAP and was on that for about 3 days. By the way, her diapers were about 1.5 inches wide by 2.5 inches long. Very small.


She then went onto nasal cannulas.

Picture 013

After that, she was on room air! Only 10 days after birth, and except for feeding, she was ready to come home at 31 weeks. Truly, our miracle child.

Picture 040

Here she is at one month. In a preemie outfit that is way too huge on her.


Here she is in her car seat getting ready to come home. Actually, this is her car seat test, she came home a couple of days later. She isn’t even 5 pounds yet.


This is the morning we got to go home. As you can see, she is tired of me taking her pictures. If I was titling these, this one would be, "Please, no more pictures!"

Picture 107

Then on September 7th, she was blessed. Here is a picture of my family.

Family picture lily blessing

And I love this one.


Here she is, being held by her daddy who gave her a name and a blessing and all the men who stood in the circle to help assist her daddy.


Here are a couple in between because of course, I don’t have any "2 month" or "3 month" pictures of her. That would be too easy!

DSC_0140 DSC_0166

But!! I do have her on her 4th month! and here it is…


Whoops, that’s not Lily! That’s Kjelly!

Here is Lily


Four months yesterday and growing like a weed. This is when she first came home.

Picture 124

This was taken a week ago.

Picture 172

I’m sleep deprived and my speech slurs when I talk, but I’m happy that she’s healthy and doing so well. If she would only sleep through the night! I would even be happy for 6 hours straight. Nope, she may look like her daddy, but attitude and sleep or should I say, lack thereof, is purely Moore!

Question of the day: When did your kids start sleeping through the night?


5 comments on “The first 4 months

  1. carlen says:

    these pictures are so precious! so thankful she is healthy and beautiful, sara! sleeping through the night? what’s that??? seriously, every child has been different. ironically my easy-going personality children wake often while my more independent and strong-willed children sleep soundly! go figure!

  2. Yea for pictures!!! She is absolutely gorgeous!!! Like there was ever any doubt she would be after seeing her three beautiful older sisters!!! I saw that picture of Kjell (spell check?) and almost fell over! Love the bow in his hair!Anyways, we still have our good and bad days for sleep. And whenever your feeling bad, just think about little old me, sleeping with my whole family in 1 hotel room and having to take my totally not sleepy baby to the lobby until she finally caves in past midnight! That’s fun…

  3. Sara says:

    Michelle, Kjell pronounced Shell. However, we call him shelly, therefore, Kjelly. Get it? Oh man, you need to buy a house soon. That totally sucks having to take her out to the lobby so everyone else can sleep. OK, you have me beat! :)

  4. Sadie was blessed that same day. She is looking so cute and chubby cheeks and everything. Sleeping through the night is one of those things that I htink comes and goes…although Sadie is a champ at it most of the time. Last night she did sleep from 10-6:30 so no complaining here but it hasn’t always ben that way and it may not even happen again. Lily willget there soon I’m sure…and if not…then I hope for deeper sleep for you and a husband who is willing to be “the man.” She is just so cute and getting so big. You must be proud.

  5. Lily is truly a beautiful miracle. Thanks for sharing her with use. To answer your question when did my child sleep thru the night? Pretty much from the beginning. My problem was waking her up to feed her. She had to sleep. She has a Very Old working single mother. ;)

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