Peer Pressure

*gulp* I’ve gone and done it…

Jeri keeps bugging me asking me why I haven’t started a blog before? Well.. it’s so much easier to just look at all the other blogs out there and not do anything. However, she keeps asking me everyday when I’m going to start one… So here it is! I’ve finally given into peer pressure.

I don’t usually give in. Case in point:

My 8th grade year, my parent’s put me in a neighboring school district so they had to drive me to school every morning. My first period class, I had math and it was taught by the football coach. Every morning, about three girls would sashay into the room. Late. Finally, about January, the coach got so tired of it, he yelled at the girls and everyone else that from now on that when you came in tardy, you would have to drop and give him 10.

You can see where this is going can’t you? Well, about March, my mother was late getting me to school. (yes, it was Matthew’s fault, I’m sure of it) I race in, but I’m late. It just so happens, I came in with those same three girls that yes, always are doing push-ups. He looks at us all and says, “See me after class” all the while, glaring at us. Now come on, he’s known me all year long and I have never been late. I thought to myself, fine, you want a fight about this? I’ll give you one.

So at the end of class and those three girls are trying to slink out, and I stomp up to the front and say very loudly “You wanted to see me?” Those girls immediately turn around (while giving me nasty looks) and we’re all looking at him, and he says “Drop and give me 10” They drop and I look at him and I say “NO!” He is incredulous. His face is starting to get red and he opens his mouth to say something, and I cut him off. I went off on him. I told him that I would not be giving him 10 and that his rule was stupid for someone like me who had never been late and that he had given those girls months of tardiness and if he had a problem with me, I would be more than happy to meet him in the Principal’s office to discuss this. Now mind you, the girls are on the ground, stopped, mouths hanging open. The whole class froze looking at us. He yells at me to lighten up and I told him I would lighten up when he treated me fairly and with respect.

I then left. It must have made an impression because I was tardy one more time that year and he didn’t call me up to give him “ten.”

Oh, and if you want to get to Jeri’s blog, just let me know, and I’ll get you an invite :)


2 comments on “Peer Pressure

  1. Yea for peer pressure!!! I love it! And yes, I would love an invitation to Jeri’s “girly blog.”

  2. carlen says:

    you are one TOUGH cookie! i don’t know if i woulda had the guts! YOU GO GIRL! so glad you have a bloggetty-blog!!!! can i add you to my list of favs on my blog? and see if i can get an exclusive invite to jeri’s too please!!!

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